Advantages of Having an In-car Dash Cam:

Given the evolution and constant improvements we are seeing in cars these days, be it external modifications or interior enhancements, you may or may not be surprised to know that compact in-car dashcams have become the latest must-have safety aid and grow in popularity as a top essential buy among all kind of drivers.

In-car dashcams’ popularity is partially due to the fact that they are compact and very convenient to install; they continually record everything that is going on beyond your windscreen and with some cameras even when you are not driving. Drivers typically have their dash cams installed in the interior windscreen on the passenger side of the rear-view mirror.

A very basic record only function is much better than no camera system at all but consider the other options that are available in devices at the next price level:

GPS – The device also records the location of the vehicle so when you play it back it will also show a map with the vehicle’s location on at the same time.

Park Guard – A setting so the system will turn itself on if it detects a knock to the vehicle that may have caused damage or a setting “usually called Motion Detection” where if the camera sees any moving image in front of the camera it starts to record for a specified timeframe.

Audio: has the ability to also record sound as well as the video – Can be turned off if not wanted.

G-Sensor – Once an impact has been detected it will lock that period of footage (tip, do not make that setting to high or every time to go over a speed bump it will save data and fill up the card in a few days)

WiFi – A great feature where you can remotely download the footage to your mobile phone without having to remove the SD card to put into your computer for viewing.

Second Camera – an option with most systems where you can add a small second camera to either view the inside of the vehicle or the look out of the back screen for a rear view.

The question is, do you really need an in-car Dashcam? To help you decide, here are some of the advantages and features of using a windscreen mounted dashcam. (some of the features are only available on selected systems)

  • Accident evidence for the Police: Dashcams can save you from the trouble that follows encounters with other drivers. Some drivers are just not mindful of others on the road, and in a fit of road rage, blame others for damages to their car or injuries sustained, as a result of their own carelessness. However, have a forward dash camera mounted and you can save hundreds or thousands of pounds if an unpleasant situation like this ever arises.
  • Security blanket for worrisome parents: Parents who are in the habit of worrying about their young kids driving for the first time, can be at ease by simply logging onto the car dashcam feeds through their smartphones. (see advanced cameras).
  • Training aid: Forward in-car cameras can prove to be very useful for driving instructors to review their students’ performances before giving them the final thumbs up. We already know Police departments are taking advantage of dashcams to record pursuits and ‘suspect encounters’.
  • Size and compactness: Dashcams are quite lightweight and available in sizes that are often smaller than the palm of your hand. They do not in any way obstruct your view of the road as you continue to record and document you’re driving.
  • Insurance: All insurance companies recognize the benefits of an in-car camera system and the clear majority are now offering discounts on your insurance premium.

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