Novatek 96658 Camera

Novatek 96658 Camera is a standard camera with wifi and GPS inbuilt features.


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Chipset: Novatek 96658 (Novatek, one of the two mainstream chipset brands for dash cam in the market)
Images sensor: Sony 323 (Sony sensor, the best sensor in the market, all iPhone cameras, including the new iPhone X, use Sony CMOS)
Video resolution: Full HD1080@30FPS (Key aspect for a dash cam, 1080P, which makes sure dash cam can capture the necessary details drivers need after an accident, to clarify things)
View angle: 170-degree large view angle (able to cover up to 5 lanes on the road, the more you see, the safer you are)
Screen: 1.54-inch screen (Giving one more option for users to do setting, apart from setting from phone screen)
Wifi: Yes (dash cam is connected to a smartphone, the driver can view live video or playback footage directly from the phone screen)
GPS: Built-in, optional (Housed in amount, the driver can check the location of the car, driving speed, driving route of the car on google map when they play back videos)
Magnetic mount: Swivel cam (On the magnetic mount, facing any desired direction, outside, or inside of the vehicle)

Advantages of Having an In-car Dash Cam:

Given the evolution and constant improvements we are seeing in cars these days, be it external modifications or interior enhancements, you may or may not be surprised to know that compact in-car dashcams have become the latest must-have safety aid and growing in popularity as a top essential buy among all kind of drivers.
In-car dashcams’ popularity is partially due to the fact that they are compact and very convenient to install; they continually record everything that is going on beyond your windscreen and with some cameras even when you are not driving. Drivers typically have their dash cams installed in the interior windscreen on the passenger side of the rear-view mirror. Read full details…

Important – hardwiring a camera is done at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any installation costs or additional costs that may be incurred after a fault or failure of a camera, mount, hardwire kit, or car electrics. We recommend that all components are tested thoroughly before installation. We strongly recommend that you hire a fully qualified, insured, and experienced auto-electrician to install the hardware kit for you.


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