Toshiba cards-Red package

Toshiba cards-Red package is good for HD twin camera systems or single 4K cameras.


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Toshiba cards-Red package is good for HD twin camera systems or single 4K cameras.

What SD card do I need for my dashcam?

Not all Micro SD cards are the same, you may be aware of the speed class difference on the cards and also know that you will need a class 10 card for video. But is not a straightforward as that.
An SD card fitted to a dashcam has to cope with constant data writing every time you use your vehicle and since you do not want the card to fail you need to purchase one that will meet the demands.
Typically an HD video will run at 25 frames a second so that’s like your normal camera taking 25 different pictures every second so a minutes driving has 1500 individual pictures making that up and if you have also taken the second camera option that will double.
If you have a 4K camera the frame rate should stay about the same in most cases but in some, it could increase to 60 frames per second.
The amount of data required is down to the resolution level and this is where it can get confusing besides the resolution level the cameras claim, some use trickery to increase the resolution via software in the camera, some just lie! So either way, take a look at what SD card we recommend and do not go below that recommendation we will take account of what the camera can use and how much data is to be written and what speed class is required.
A high-quality video image will fill a 32gb card in around 2-7 hours of recording time (depending on resolution and frame rate) and as much as a 16gb card is usable for cars that don’t do much mileage, 32gb is probably the minimum size to use when you consider that there is not much difference in the price.


16gb, 32gb, 64gb, 128gb


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